1Who should use Genesis Point of Sale?
Every person who has a small or complex business can use Point of Sale system. POS can help you in your business in different ways including managing inventory, providing customer management data, identifying opportunities and weakness in the company and much more.
2What is the cost of retail POS system?
It just depends on you, what you want? What features you need? How fast do you want it to go? Should you purchase and extended warranty? The more features you want to add, the more your retail POS system will cost. The online POS system for the single user is of approximately 10 thousand. For multi-users, it may have the cost of 8 thousand. The offline POS is approximately of 25 thousands.
3There are many different retail POS systems. How will I know how to choose the right one?
First of all, take the time to understand the specific needs of your business. Estimate your total technology budget. If, necessary, break it down into the things you need this year and things can wait until next year. Find reputable technology companies with years of expertise in the retail industry. Ask for references and call them.
Consider all these factors, such as retail software, technical support, service after the sale, the point of sale hardware, and integration with accounting packages and other business software you use. Learn more about how to choose the right retail POS system for your business.
4Should I buy the POS hardware or the retail software first?
The single major mistake retailers make when choosing a new retail POS system is buying the point of sale hardware before the retail software. The retail software you decide to run your retail business may not be compatible with your new point of sale hardware. Not all scanners, weight scales, or card readers will work with all retail software packages. Buying both the POS hardware and the retail software from the same vendor can reduce or eliminate compatibility issues and can often reduce your overall technology costs.
5How can a retail POS system help me to make more money?
A retail POS system can help you increase your profits in many ways. Quicker, more reliable checkouts mean fewer workforces are needed. Sales reports allow you to maximise your inventory levels and control costs. Built-in loyalty programs encourage higher ticket averages and repeat business from your customers. Integrated e-commerce services generate additional revenue from Internet sales. Talk to your technology consultant about other ways a retail POS system can help increase your bottom line.

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